Brexit Secretary seeks 'deal for whole UK'

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David Davis rebuffed Nicola Sturgeon's calls for Holyrood to be given powers over areas such as immigration as part of any deal with Brussels.

The Conservative politician was in Scotland a day after the Scottish government published its draft independence referendum bill.

He met his Scottish government counterpart Michael Russell for talks.
When asked if the First Minister is being "realistic" with her demands, he said: "They are both reserved powers. Immigration and international affairs are both reserved powers."

Before the EU referendum in June, leading Brexit campaigner and then justice secretary Michael Gove had suggested Scotland could get powers over immigration as part of a deal to leave the EU.

But Mr Davis said: "It's hard to see how a separate immigration policy would work."

He insisted the Brexit arrangements would be a "United Kingdom deal", rejecting the idea put forward by the Scottish Government that the country should be able to keep its place in the European single market.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said a referendum will be called if it is felt necessary to "protect Scotland's interests" in the wake of the Brexit vote.
But she has insisted her government was "exploring all of the options" for safeguarding Scotland's place in Europe, and has said she will publish proposals in the coming weeks for keeping Scotland in the European single market even if the UK leaves.

After his first meeting with Mr Davis, Mr Russell said he expected to soon be able to announce a formal process for Scottish input into the Brexit process.

Speaking at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Mr Davis said while it has "got to be a United Kingdom deal", it would "incorporate protection for the people of Scotland".

He also said the eventual agreement would "reflect the interests of the people of Scotland".
Mr Davis stated: "The aim is to get the maximum possible barrier-free access to the European Union market, as well as being able to get other markets globally.

"How we achieve that? We're not at that stage yet, but that's the aim."
He continued: "I don't think the Scottish people want another referendum, but that's for them.

"I have simply got the single aim in front of me, which is to get the best deal possible, and that includes the best deal for the Scottish people."
Yesterday the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, said that he thinks the United Kingdom might actually reign back on Brexit.

Mr Davis told BBC Scotland that is not the case: "That's not going to happen. The prime minister has made clear that the now infamous phrase 
'Brexit means Brexit' is going to happen.
"The people have given us an instruction, we have to carry it out."

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